Truffle hunt in Piedmont with Michelin starred lunch from Milan

Truffle hunt in Piedmont with Michelin starred lunch from Milan

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Canelli is one of the hinterland towns of the Asti province, famous for the best-selling Italian sparkling wines . It has an extended architectonic fortune below the entire town for about 20 kilometers: breathtaking cellars carved into the tuff limestone hillside thus creating really suggestive scenarios. Excavated by hand beginning in the 16th century, all are filled to bursting with wine – thousands of barrels and millions of bottles, because of  the perfect natural thermal insulation, able to maintain a constant temperature of 12-14 degrees C (54 -57 degrees F), ideal for aging great wines. The construction expanded in the 19th century when the high quality of Canelli wines was affirmed on a global scale after casks were shipped abroad throughout Europe and overseas.  Itinerary 9.00 am: Pick up in Milan and transfer to Piedmont countryside. 11.00 am: Arrive to truffle hunter house and meet Natale who will introduce you to the magic world of truffles: what they are, where they grow, which tools you need to find them. Next you will go on a truffle hunt yourself, helped by experienced dogs Diana and Birba.Once you are back to Natale's home, you will taste the precious tuber, paired with local wines. Before leaving, you will get a copy of Natale's book about truffle, with anedoctes, useful facts ad recipes. After this tasteful aperitif, transfer to Canelli ad 1:30 pm for lunch at Michelin starred San Marco restaurant. This restaurant has a homely atmosphere with its open fireplace, warm family welcome by chef Mariuccia and her husband Piercarlo. You will experience excellent Piedmontese cuisine, with tasting "menù della tradizione": Raw, finely chopped “Fassona breed” veal, Caesar’s Mushroom, Parmesan cheese Homemade egg pasta "tajarin", mountain butter flavoured with herbs Slow cooked Piedmontese breed veal cheek, polenta, caramelized red onion My Hazelnut: Granny’s bônet, hazelnut cake,hazelnut ice cream Small pastries with our typical soft nougat (the nougat itself -hand made by Mariuccia worth a visit!) 3.30 pm: Arrive to one of the so called “underground cathedreals”, like Coppo . You’ll enter via a pretty cobblestone courtyard and gorgeous Italian mansion house. It’s filled with documents and photographs recording the winemaker’s history, and you can also see the old production tools and rooms where Moscato grapes were left to dry. Then descend into the incredible 32m-deep cellars where for over 130 years bottles of wine from the vineyard’s Chardonnay and Pino Nero g

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