Terra Canis 6 x 800g – Beef with Carrot, Apple & Natural Rice

Terra Canis 6 x 800g – Beef with Carrot, Apple & Natural Rice

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Terra Canis dog food provides your dog with a wholesome and hearty meal from natural, high quality ingredients. The Terra Canis nutritional concept is designed to cater for your dog’s essential nutritional demands by using a variety of recipes. Terra Canis dog food is manufactured with thought and care from fresh, natural ingredients and thus provides your dog with all necessary nutrients. It is made by a Bavarian butchers, a family business of three generations, which has received several awards and prizes for its produce. It is considered one of the best butcher shops in Munich and particularly stands out for its emphasis on quality. As a grocery shop, it is only allowed to store, process and sell goods of a quality suitable for human consumption and thus Terra Canis is made exclusively from superior ingredients. Advantages of Terra Canis at a glimpse: Meat, fish fillets and all other ingredients are processed fresh, are of human grade quality and sourced in Germany. Terra Canis guarantees exclusive use of ingredients listed in the composition. A careful cooking process (slow cooked canned when cool) ensures maximum preservation of beneficial natural vitamins, secondary plant substances, minerals, trace elements and proteins. Carefully measured amounts of organic eggshell and mineral soil products naturally create the optimal calcium-phosphorus-ratio of 1.3:1.0. Terra Canis consistently avoids the use of bone and animal meal, low quality by-products, fillers, butchers waste, artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings, artificial anti-oxidants and any kind of artificial additives and sugar. Ingredients of Terra Canis dog food: Muscle meat: provides your dog’s organism with high quality proteins and omega-6 fatty acids. This includes heart and chicken, turkey and rabbit stomach (stomach and heart are pure muscle and thus do not count as offals). The proportion of muscle meat in a portion of meat should always be higher than that of any other ingredient and it forms the main part of Terra Canis dog food. Throat meat of lamb and beef: Throat meat consists of 90% cartilage and is thus an optimal natural provider of calcium – important for your dog’s bones and cartilage. Liver: The liver is a detoxifying organ and thus should only rarely, and only in small portions, be given to your dog. However, it does contain plenty of minerals and trace elements and should not be entirely excluded from your dog’s diet. Terra Canis therefore only uses liver in small quantities in a few of its recipes. Organic eggshell: Terra Canis substitutes organic eggshell for essential calcium from prey. Every food contains the important calcium-phosphorus-ratio of 1.3:1.0, naturally achieved through the addition of eggshell and confirmed by the use of before/after analyses. Dietary fibre from vegetables, fruit and herbs: Dietary fibre is important for your dog’s digestion; it stimulates and cleans the intestines. Different kinds of fruit and vegetables…

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