Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dog – Sensitivity – 12 x 420g

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dog – Sensitivity – 12 x 420g

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Chronic diarrhoea, and inflammation of the digestive tract are often signs that your dog has an allergy. Allergies can also present with symptoms such as itchy and inflamed skin, as well as excessive shedding or other problems with your dog’s coat. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet – Sensitivity is a dietetic wet food for dogs with food allergies or food intolerances that have contributed to digestive problems. The food has been formulated to support the health of the mucous membranes in the gut and promote healthy gut flora. Rice and chicken are both well-tolerated ingredients and combine to help to minimise the risk of allergic reactions. Biotin, niacin and pantothenic acid, combined with a mixture of zinc and linoleic acid all have the effect of reducing moisture loss via the skin and boosting the skin’s barrier effect. Added Omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA can also reduce inflammatory responses in the skin. Prebiotic FOS helps to create a balanced gut flora. Recommended for (indications): Chronic idiopathic colitis Chronic enteritis Chronic and acute diarrhoea Elimination diet Food allergy Food intolerance Not recommended for (contraindications): None Key benefits: Selected proteins: Easily digested ingredients (chicken & rice) are a well tolerated combination for dogs with food allergies. They help to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. Skin barrier: The high levels of biotin, niacin and pantothenic acid, combined with zinc and linoleic acid helps to minimise moisture loss over the skin and helps to boost the skin’s barrier effect. EPA/ DHA: Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to reduce the skin’s inflammatory response. Digestive safety: Fermentable fibre (FOS) promotes healthy, balanced gut flora and supports the health of the mucous membranes in the gut. This food is lactose and gluten free. Further information: Royal Canin Sensitivity wet dog food is recommended in cases of chronic dermatosis caused by allergies, as well as atopic dermatitis.

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XS 34-36 27-29 34.5-36.5
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L 40-42 33-36 40.5-43.5
XL 42-45 36-40 43.5-47.5
XXL 45-48 40-44 47.5-51.5