Cosma Snackies – Freeze-dried Cat Snacks – Beef (23g)

Cosma Snackies – Freeze-dried Cat Snacks – Beef (23g)

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Cosma Snackies are 100% pure meat or fish. They are a completely natural, grain-free treat for your cat, made from pure meat or fish with no additives. Even really choosy cats love them. Cosma Snackies are made by using a very gentle and lengthy freeze-drying process which retains all the vital nutrients and the great taste. The meat or fish is carefully heated at a very low temperature so that the water is slowly extracted. The high quality of preparation which goes into Cosma Snackies means that your cat will have an intense taste experience. All meat and fish used is of a standard suitable for human consumption. Cosma Snackies are made from carefully selected ingredients which will appeal to even the choosiest cat. The Snackies are available in the following varieties: Chicken (26g): Delicious chunks of meat for cats who love chicken Duck (21g): Made from tasty, enticing chunks of duck meat Beef (23g): Selected cuts of beef make this an irresistible snack Tuna (25g): These exquisite chunks of tuna are just the thing if your cat prefers fish. Pure meat or fish freeze-dried snacks are made from natural products and are easy to digest. They are recommended by vets and cat breeders as a healthy treat for your cat. Irresistible Cosma Snackies come in a re-sealable tube which keeps the natural meat or fish fresh and tasty. You can feed your cat Snackies several times a day or ring the changes by scattering them over other food. Your cat will love you even more. Cosma Snackies are a unique product with a very special, natural taste experience which your cat will adore. Cosma Snackies – the pure, natural snack for your cat.

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